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A Therapeutic bodywork & barefoot studio



I started my massage therapy career in New Orleans, LA in 2017. I became a bodyworker to help people and I find this best achieved through a therapist/client collaboration. By listening to each client's overall goals, their specific needs that day, and a bit of assessment, we are able to make a plan to help get them and keep them out of pain. To me, there isn't a "one size fits all" massage. 


I focus my professional efforts on continuing to learn and understand what makes humans such dynamic and complex creatures. That effort allows me to give those who seek my help the highest quality of care I can.

  • Northwestern State of Louisiana, 2014, BSRS

  • Blue Cliff College, 2018, LMT

  • Freedom From Pain Institute, 2020, MMT


I began my career at Blue Cliff college in New Orleans, LA. I was instantly drawn to therapeutics. Shortly before graduating, I began by-hand advanced training in Myofascial Release and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MMT). Once graduating, I was given an opportunity to work and train at a barefoot teaching studio in the heart of the city, eventually certifying in Ashiatsu. My career path was beginning to unfold.


Over the next few years I focused on developing my craft. I deepened my understanding of soft tissue, fascia, and movement and how it all relates to pain. I certified as a Master Myoskeletal Therapist, focusing on pain cycles and their cause. I also was given an opportunity to train others in Ashiatsu as a teaching assistant at the very studio that trained me. 

Soon after the start of the pandemic, I transplanted from New Orleans to Tulsa. I knew I wanted to focus on individualized therapeutic care. At Method, I am able to open my toolbox and tailor every treatment to each client and their specific needs. 



Master Myoskeletal Alignment - Certified

Myofascial Release - Advanced Training


Sarga - Certified

Ashiatsu - Certified

Ashi-Thai - Certified



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Kennedy Ireland, LMT, MMT
OK #181775

by appointment only

Please call/text/email



located At

827 S. Indianapolis AVe.

Online Booking available for Returning Clients

60 min - $120

90 Min - $180

2 hour - $240

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