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A Therapeutic bodywork & barefoot studio



I am a recent transplant to Tulsa. I started my massage therapy career in New Orleans, LA. I became a bodyworker to help people regain control over their pain cycle. I find this possible through the collaborative effort of therapist and client. I value continued education and focus my efforts in understanding what makes humans such dynamic and complex creatures.

  • Northwestern State of Louisiana, 2014, BSRS

  • Blue Cliff College, 2018, LMT

  • Freedom From Pain Institute, 2020, MMT


I have worked with varying clients from professional athletes, chefs, and musicians, to hair & make-up artists, ranchers, and long-haul drivers. I have aided in chronic pain, repetitive use injury, nerve entrapments, and more. 


Each individual presents with their own tissue in a unique and remarkable way. Understanding that there isn't a "one size fits all" massage is a fundamental value I hold. 

I believe with education, communication, and integrity we can create the change needed to break the pain cycle.

  • Master Myoskeletal Alignment - Certified

  • Myofascial Release - Advanced Training

  • Sarga - Certified

  • Ashiatsu - Certified

  • Ashi-Thai - Certified



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Kennedy Ireland, LMT, MMT
OK #181775

by appointment only

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located near Midtown/Downtown


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